Indespensable Attitude

The start of a new week is upon us. Thursday is Thanksgiving. The act of verbalizing thanksgiving originates in the mind and heart. It is the outward expression of something internal.
As we spend this week preparing both for Thanksgiving, I thought that it might be wise to remind ourselves of the indispensability of a God-ward directed spiritual attitude. Lots of distractions this week. That is why our focus this week needs to be guarded. Approach the Word of God in a reverent attitude of mind. Remember that it is inspired and as such it is not just any ordinary piece of literary production. God’s enemy and therefore our enemy, is bent on either keeping us out of the Word or distracting us as we spend time in God’s Word. This deceiving liar wants us to forget that it is the Holy Spirit that is right there at our elbow reading along with us to our hearts.
How does that happen? We allow a prideful sin to form a barrier between God and those around us. It can be jealousy, anger, frustration; what ever it’s name, it all originates in our prideful self-centered heart. Consider this. From all appearances, the Bible looks like any other literature. We can certainly study it in the same spirit as we would study something literary penned by Shakespeare or some historical work. From that perspective it would be interesting and even profitable. But with that attitude we will never discover the life-transforming treasures that the Holy Spirit wants to reveal and implant in our hearts. That is how our common enemy extinguishes the Holy Spirit’s light.
Paul told the Corinthian Church in his first letter: “The natural person does not accept the things of the Spirit of God, for they are folly to them ….” Do not let Satan side track you through false thinking. The natural man is dead and buried. Act like men of God. Keep short accounts. Confess what you have done. Give thanks for what He has done.
I will lavish praise on You, my God and King, and bless Your name forever and ever. Every day I will bless You … Great is the Lord, and greatly to be praised, and His greatness is unsearchable.” David.
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It is all about our heart.

It is all about the heart. Solomon comments that “A glad heart makes a cheerful face, but by sorrow of heart the spirit is crushed.” [Proverbs 15:13 ESV] A heart restored is a heart that can experience peace. A glad heart is a choice. God is as in Christ given us what we need to be His icon in the world. We are image bearers of the Creator Sovereign King. There is no magic in living the Christian life. There is no magic in walking with God. There are only two choices for or against God. We either choose to trust Him or to reject Him.

Think about it. If we refuse to trust God [Usually we say that it’s too hard.] we are choosing to reject Him. All our struggles and angst is caused by our moment by moment choices. It’s not rocket science. The same choice that we made at our conversion is the same type of choice we make in choosing to trust or reject God in each circumstance of our life. What makes life hard is trying to go it alone. Buddy Greene in one of his songs has this line: “Faith is not counting on me.” Faith always requires a choice. People say “I can’t have faith because I have too much doubt.” Guess what! Faith is not faith without the possibility of doubt. Without doubt, without something opposing faith, saying we believe God really amounts to nothing more than a nice platitude of words; is nothing but God talk.

When life comes crashing in on us and we are choosing life with God, we will have a cheerful face. It is the result of trusting God that His way is the perfect way. The cheerful face is a outward sign of an inward sense of peace that God promises to those who continually choose to trust him when life is hard. To quote Tom Hanks in the movie A League of Their Own:

Jimmy Dugan: … Baseball is what gets inside you. It’s what lights you up, you can’t deny that.

Dottie Hinson: It just got too hard.

Jimmy Dugan: It’s supposed to be hard. If it wasn’t hard, everyone would do it. The hard… is what makes it great.

[ ]

It is the same with walking with God in faith. If God made life easy we would have no reason to trust Him. If the Christian life was easy, everyone would be following hard after God.

One final thought. Have you considered the implication of saying “I believe God.” What are we really saying?  We are saying that we trust in, rely on and adhere to all that God does in our lives. We are saying that we are trusting God that he knows best even when it seems counterintuitive. We are saying by our actions that we are relying on his wisdom is life unfolds and not trying to countermand his purposes for us. And finally by saying we believe God we are moving closer to God in the midst of trial and not further away. We bring much sorrow into our lives after by not allowing God to work with us. When we try to go it alone we end up with crushed spirits. Life can be more than we can bear. Trust Him today and He will give you a ‘glad heart makes a cheerful face.’

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1Ti 1:1 Paul, an apostle of Christ Jesus by command of God our Savior and of Christ Jesus our hope,

Paul did not become an apostle by human invention. His was a divine appointment; “an apostle of Christ Jesus by command of God …” What higher authority could he possible obtain? Paul would need this assurance when he came up against trials from both men and nature that would test his human endurance. How often have we wrecked our life along with those around me by carrying out our own plans. How often we have rejected God’s plans; or worse not even considered His plans for us, in favor of running with what we thought was best. When we opt for our own agenda, we are tearing open the ‘rose bud’ of God intention for us before He is ready to open it; therefore destroying the beauty God intended for our life.

Consider God’s direction for us another way. Our lives are much like intricate spider webs. God has the web of our lives all mapped out. Try sticking your finger on a strand of a spider web and rearranging it different than what the spider accomplished. Can’t be done. But we often will look at the web of our live in progress and try to help God out with either the design or the making. Every time we meddle with the threads of our lives we end up marring the web design or function. The web becomes flawed or worse, severely damaged.

“… Christ Jesus our hope,” We as human hope in many things. We hope to have health and wealth and a place to be happy. We hope for world peace. We even hope that by mouthing certain prayers and doing what we think is the right thing, we will gain at the end of our lives an entrance into some sort of resting place called heaven. God, the Sovereign over His heaven says plainly, there is only one hope. Jesus. Nothing else. Our expectations of being rescued from the moral and spiritual dilemmas are built on sand. Jesus is our only hope, our life, our peace, our righteousness. But if one is not seeking truth that is outside of themselves then they will miss God. God calls it reckless rejection. We can only find truth by exercise of faith in the truths and promises that God provided us, through Jesus Christ. We stumble over that because it reveals our pride; we want no one ruling or telling us what to do. The world is an evil place because our hearts are evil. Noble birth, religious education, morality, civility, obedience to the law of Moses, or trying to obey the ordinances of a church; all of this will fall short of God’s standard. The only grounds for redemption of a heart inherently evil is though Jesus shed blood on the cross. Unless we are willing to seek truth outside of what seems intuitive to us, we will miss the truth. But for the heart that is not seeking after a loving God that statement is nothing but rubbish.

Meditations from 1 Timothy 1:1

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Not About Religion

Generally today, when someone talks uses the word ‘religion’ they mean a set of beliefs, values and practices based on the teaching of some denomination or some cult like leader. The Apostle Paul considered himself on top of the pile when it came to strict religion. In his words: “For you have heard of my former life in Judaism, how I persecuted the church of God violently and tried to destroy it.” [Gal 1:13 ESV]

The real issue of religion is that we have forgotten the source of Christian religion. We have forgotten the Bible. It is not just a collection of musty writings from long-ago out of touch old men. God wants to reveal His story and His vision for us.  Religion according to God is learning to find the pathway to Him so that we can live satisfying lives. James, the step brother of Jesus, was not always a Christ follower. Later in life he had this to say about religion: “Religion that is pure and undefiled before God, the Father, is this: to visit orphans and widows in their affliction, and to keep oneself unstained from the world.” [Jam 1:27 ESV]

At least two or three times a year, we can pick up the newspaper and find some article on how a christian group or leader has fallen. All too often, the source of the fall is embedded in the avoidance of God and not taking seriously personal interaction with Him. This is not about tradition, public practices, parental upbringings or backgrounds. This is about personal relationship with the Sovereign Living God.

So, when you read your Bible, are you focusing on the events you are reading about? Are you possible focusing on how questionable they sound? Or are you focusing on how God is defining life for you? Do you see life-shaping issues in your life that God might want you to trust Him with? You know the stuff I am talking about … those thoughts and actions that simply will not go away no matter what you do.

Yes? Then the very next time that you sit down and start reading your Bible, pause just for 15 seconds and simply ask God to “Open my eyes, that I may behold wondrous things out of your law.” [Psa 119:18 ESV] “Open my eyes so I can see what you show me of your miracle-wonders.” [MSG]

Try it. Seek God were He can be found. He will find you.

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It Is All About Others

“No man is an island entire of itself;

every man is a piece of the continent,

a part of the main … “[John Donne]

The calculation of success of what we believe and how we live can only be measured in community. There are no kingdoms building Lone Ranger Christians. Jesus was not a hermit or even a monk. He lived in community. He ate with others. He was constantly in demand. His ministry 24/7 was centered not in buildings, academic learning or social programs but in building into the lives of twelve men. He is the model of self-giving. Our job as Christ-followers is to reflect this in our family, co-workers and neighbors. It takes living among others to learn how to love as God loves us. God wants us to move beyond the “Hi. How are you?” “Oh, fine, just fine.” He wants us to nurture authentic relationships with the people He has put around us. The only way that we can reflect God’s love to others is when we have experienced it ourselves first hand. “He comforts us in all our troubles so that we can comfort others. When they are troubled, we will be able to give them the same comfort God has given us.” [Corinthians 1:4 NLT]

As we intentionally foster authentic relationships, we demonstrate what Jesus had in mind for life with God in community with God. That community, the local fellowship of believers called church, is all about serving others. As Rick Warren so clearly stated: It is not about me. Community is what God created us to be part of and is His ordained mechanism were He transforms us into the persons He created us to be.

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All too often, I have seen on a sign outside a church with the words “Come as you are!” Yet when you walk inside everyone is dressed the same. Years ago, during the hippy generation, I was attending a well-known evangelical conservative church. A man in the congregation was developing a street ministry specifically with the hippies in mind. Most in the congregation thought this was a good idea. That is until this one Sunday, he brought about six of “them” into the Sunday service; and they came in as they were. People were shocked. There were audible gasps in the audience. There was much rustling as people turned in their seats. They said “come as you are” but they did not really mean that. Those six never came back. What they believed was not transformational to their lives.

And that problem still exists today [the extreme of that would be Westboro Church]. Religion is not transformational. Encountering Jesus and doing life together with Him is the stuff that makes us change. Becoming more like Jesus means that we have to intentionally listen and then do what He tells us.

That is our part. But there is another side to this transformation. It is only a work of God. Only God is capable of transformation of the heart. It is the game-changer that changes us from doing religion as we think it should be done [read self-improvement] to becoming the person that God created us to be. Doing life with Jesus is not some sort of pressure to conform but a call to live in the Image of God just as Jesus modeled for us.

God wants us to join Him in His redemptive work in the lives of people. It is God’s agenda, not what we think God’s agenda might be. God never says be “conformed” but he does say be transformed. And the only way I know of being transformed is not by group collective actions but by being in close connection with God. Jesus never defines us by someone else.

Being transformed means that I have to be willing to release what I think is scared and allow space for God and His grace to help me learn to live “with God.” Jesus is not interested in my trying harder to change something in my life so that I am more pleasing to Him. That is the sure road to failure. All He wants is for me to learn to be and practice continually to be, in conversational relationship no matter what I am facing.

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Being other-centric is hard to do consistently individually, much less for a church. It is much easier for both to institute and follow rules for controlling people’s lives. I like to be connected to churches that want to intentionally reach people who do not go to church. I like being a part of a church that looks out at those people who are outside of the church looking in. Jesus made disciples of all sort of people – people that society would normally ignore. Jesus embodied the good news of salvation and restoration to God’s kingdom. That is what we are to be about, inviting people looking in, people of all sorts regardless of their social or economic status.

Jesus was deeply passionate about setting the stage to be able to invite people to “do life with God.” And that is what we should be about as well. Biblically based Christianity is a life that is not about rules but about relationship. Church should be a place where we can bring our friends, family and any others that are far from God. I think that we have lost the concept of the original church that started in the marketplace. We tend to only invite to church those that appear to be a fit for our church. With that attitude goes the hope that they will get a taste of what life with God will be like and help them move toward a better understanding of who and what God is all about.

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Science has told us that we are all created by DNA [Deoxyribonucleic acid]. This is the self-replicating building block material presented in nearly all organisms. It is the main substance of chromosomes, and is the carrier of genetic information that is passed on in reproduction. It does not take long in studying the human body to discover the complexity that cannot be answered by evolutionary theory.

Having said that, it is not a giant leap to intertwine science and faith. Each one of us is wonderfully made. Each one of us is unique. Because we are unique, we can aspire to and accomplish many things. Our DNA hard-wires us physically and psychologically in certain ways. We are not robots. We have freedom in the ability to think and make choices. Part of that DNA has the icon of God imprinted in all of us; the Imago Dei. We are made for God, to represent Him in this world. As with any icon, it can get damaged or cracked and therefore the image gets distorted. But just because the icon is damaged in us does not mean that the Creator whose image it is has tossed out the icon.

We matter to God. Because we matter to God, people should matter to us. People have Imago Dei stamped into their DNA no matter how flawed or broken it looks. It helps for us to occasionally look in the mirror of the Bible. The image staring back at us is flawed and ego-centric. We may see a beautiful face but we know that inside that face is a flawed image. Our internal image is revealed by how we treat our spouses, children, family, co-workers, foreigners and even those in the community of faith. We do not naturally care for others. Because of that we are capable of thinking and saying and doing things that have no semblance of God’s image.

But if Jesus Christ is allowed to transform us from the inside, the outside actions will change. We will become other-centric. It is a process of reformation and transformation. People will start to matter. We will begin to see those around us as God intended us to see them – people with the icon of God in them. We will begin to see the potential in people and not the worse. We begin to treat others with dignity the way that God treats us. When this happens, we are becoming the hands and feet of God reaching out to a world going further and further astray. Incredible advances in technology do nothing to fix the unbelievable evil that comes out of the heart. If there is any shred of doubt the truth of that assessment, pick up the daily newspaper or read history. It keeps repeating itself because men keep missing the Imago Dei in others.

Part of my calling and work as a pastor is to encourage men that God puts in my path to become what God intended them to be. It is part of the hard-wired DNA that God put into me. As I have allowed God to expose that truth in me through His reformation, I get to see the Image Dei in others and learn how to treat them as God treats me. It is a process that continues.

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Patriotism is a quality of being, not a thing. It is the glue that binds us to our country. Patriotism is not about the geography make-up of my country. American patriotism is specifically about a principle that states “all men are created equal.” This is a fundamental core belief of our country and serves as the guiding light for all of our constitutional laws. Unfortunately, we have not always gotten the application right during our 378 years of history. Fortunately, patriotism is a process of living application, working out over time the principle to which we pledge allegiance.

Patriotism in America is all about providing freedom to think, to discern between right and wrong and to act as my conscience dictates. Patriotism is not always about freedom for all. Pick up the newspaper on any given day and you will see patriotic men and women in many countries fighting but it is not to bring freedom to all. It is to bring their way of thinking to be the rule of the land. That too is patriotism. But it is not the patriotism that we want in America.

Today we have created a problem between our chain of reasoning and the principle to which our country is bound together. The problem gets in the way of supporting the “all men are created equal” principle. Our founding fathers assumed that we were ‘created.’ The big bang theory and our climbing out of a primordial soup was not part of their scientific thinking. They reasoned that we all were created; human beings were brought into existence as the result of Providence’s [to use their word for God’s] action. The assumptions we make about our beginnings [created or evolved] historically has and continues to have, a bearing on how we work out living with our neighbors under the “all men are created equal” principle.

While geographically America is big compared to most countries, size is not what makes us great. Our greatness, our durability is based on human equality supported by responsible citizens in government.

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I heard someone say recently “Really, I am telling you the truth!” If you read your Bible you find that Jesus has said the same thing to us more than once. For example, one of his disciple records Jesus saying, “Truly, truly, I say to you, he who hears My word, and believes Him who sent Me, has eternal life, and does not come into judgment, but has passed out of death into life.” [John 5:24] Let’s look more closely at what Jesus is saying.

There is only one thing in this world that is truly trustworthy; Jesus’ words. They are not changeable but are a firm foundation for our lives. Jesus is the “amen” to all conversation. “To the angel of the church in Laodicea write: The Amen, the faithful and true Witness, the Beginning of the creation of God, says this …” [Revelation_3:14] Jesus is prefacing His promise announcing His authority and character. Jesus never wore a mask. What the disciples heard and saw was the real deal. And God superintended that they were faithful in relaying His words on to us. When it comes to matters of salvation, God wants us to understand that attempting to bring our carnal and fall-twisted reasoning into the discussion is a ship wreck waiting to happen. When it comes to salvation, our reasoning can never reach a final conclusion with certainty. Just think about that for a minute. Outside of Jesus, there is no assurance of salvation, We base everything devised in religion on limited faculties about the subject of eternity and our real condition before God. If we are honest with ourselves, no matter how we craft our arguments in our minds, we can never be sure that we have reached a correct conclusion in all cases.

Jesus wants us to hear him clearly. “I am going to relate to you in a systematic way.” In other words, I am the One who is speaking to you now, whom you have been actively resisting, rejecting and seeking to cut from your life. Jesus is saying: ‘Listen to Me and understand.’ Jesus wants us to understand that He is the sum and substance of what He says. Do not make the mistake of just listening with only the external ears that God gave you but also listen internally, with your soul. That is where life begins. It is only when we listen with the soul that Holy Spirit can enable us to distinguish what is truth from Sovereign God and what are lies from the many deceiving gods.

Jesus wants us to listen not only to His words but try to understand.If you only look for the bling and bang of miracles, then you will miss His intentions for you. There are two types of hearing: speculative and experiential. We can listen and speculate about the pros and cons of Jesus statement. Or we can choose to take them to heart, and then actively trust Jesus that He is telling us the truth and act on them as truth. When we act on what God says we discover He really is telling the Truth. The constant question before us is simply this: Do I entrust my spiritual well-being to Jesus? We learn and relearn three basic things in the Christian life: to trust in, rely on, and adhere to the Lord Jesus in all things.

Listening to what Jesus firmly tells us gives us the right to claim hope by faith in His grace. We will gain a new and perpetual  life as God intended it, full of His grace and peace that cannot be manufactured. He guaranteed His promise. Because Jesus was faithful to die in our place for our sins, we escape the accusation, condemnation and damnation for rebellion against God. We pass from guilty condemnation; meaning that not one of our sins will be held in accusation against us. It is not by our righteousness or our clever legal arguments but only by the righteousness of Christ that we have received by faith.

Listening and actively trusting Jesus removes us from all of our guilt. We move forward into spiritual life covenant grace and forgiveness. We are now alive to a process of exchanging our sinful ways of thinking. The Holy Spirit empowers us to a life that seeks to draw closer to God and live a life pleasing to Him. It is a life made secure. Trust in, rely on, and adhere to Jesus Christ. He is the only answer to your life.

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