What is our standard for success?

Some well meaning Christians would say that success is egocentric and therefore not to be sought after. These same folks would also say that spirituality and worldliness are not compatible. I am convinced after 40 some years in the workforce that aligning successful business in the world system and being a Christ-one is a matter of learning the eternal perspective. Eternal perspective comes from spending time in the Scriptures under the tutelage of the Holy Spirit and then actively learning how to integrate what I have learned in the classroom into the daily activities of business. Eternal perspective is not a one time learning experience. It is learning each day under new circumstances. It is making knowledge experiential. This is the real meaning of wisdom…experiential knowledge. Experiential knowledge or wisdom is all about balance.

The world system of business management means pressing hard after the dollar. It has little time for ethics. It cares little for people. It means taking advantage of all opportunities by tipping the balance scales through lying and deceptive business practices if necessary. The Enron dive into disaster, the incredible loss of future for its faithful employees, and the trials of Jeff Skilling and Ken Lay is a real world example. Some of the best minds in business or political leadership come crashing down because they fail to learn the EAP methods [Eternal Accounting Practice] for keeping the books. Duke Cunningham, the war hero, failed to apply EAP. What would his life be like today if he had insisted doing business with eternity in mind? What if he had worked using a balanced scale checked on for accuracy by the ultimate CFO? Jail would not be his future at the end of his career. How sad.

God has designed us to work in balance. He designed us to worship Him through our daily endeavors, be they at home or the marketplace. Too often, I have seen my Christian brothers [and I include myself here] throw the balance out. Either we work as if success were all up to us and worship is a Sunday thing, or we act as if it were all up to God for our success and sit back and wait for Him to open doors. Either way, our eternity balance scale is off.

We are created as tables of clay where the Holy Spirit can write about the Light of the World for all to see. We make God look good or bad, depending upon on how we live and allow the Author to write the code of His success plan into our hearts. Success is an impression based on a perspective. If we focus on living an impression of success based on the world system of unbalance, we are sure to ultimately fail. However, if we live and work under the principle of eternity, living balanced lives, seeing success from a perspective of eternity, and living so that success is credited to the Lord of ‘all things great and small’ than we will be truly successful.

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