God At Work

How I can be a witness in my workplace? So many Christians I meet believe that all we have to do is get folks in the church door. There they can hear the Gospel from an expert. It appears too often that Christians see “witnessing” as a program centered in the church or as an easy-to-apply mantra for unbelievers…say this prayer and you will be saved.

I asked a friend recently what he was doing in his place of business to share the Gospel with co-workers. His immediate response was “We have a great program at church for non-Christians.” I stopped him and restated the question: “What are you doing personally to attract people to Jesus?” He really had no answer. I felt sadness because here was another encounter with an evangelical Christian who was counting on the Church to be the witness for him. He was counting on a professional Christian to bring the Word of God to his co-workers.

I believe the way for us to share our faith is to share our lives. For example, a few years ago, I was working as a temp between regular jobs. I was feeling depressed due to being caught in one of several layoffs by the company and losing good pay and benefits. I was feeling even worse at having to do temp work that was beneath my skill level…manual labor…but that was all that was available. I found myself working as a laborer in a warehouse, feeling pity for my self. The company utilizing the temps required each employee to be teamed up with a temp. So here I am working next to this young man who was incredibly uneducated.

As we worked and ate lunch together, we started sharing our lives. About two weeks into the project, we were having lunch outside one warm day at a picnic table, enjoying the view of the snow-capped mountains. He had asked me something regarding marriage; I was sharing how Kathe and I dealt with the issue. Out of the blue he blurted out that he had never known anyone who didn’t call their wife either the “old lady” or “the b—-“. At first I was speechless. Then it seemed the Holy Spirit nudged me and I suddenly realized that here was an open door to share the reason why.

What I saw as failure in my introspection, God was busy redeeming to use to further His Kingdom. I was learning to begin to see the myriad opportunities that God was putting in front of me every single day.

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