Is my job “spiritual” or just work?

Is my job “spiritual” or just work? I get up early in the morning and spend about thirty minutes having a quiet time. I read a portion of Scripture and meditate for a few minutes on its application to my life. I spend time in prayer for my family and friends. I pray for my co-workers. Many times I feel as if I am accomplishing something during this time alone with God. I walk away having learned from God through His Word and I have been obedient in up holding others before Him in prayer. I feel as if my life is anchored firmly in the Rock of Ages.

However, I arrive at work and that seems to end the “spiritual” side of my day. Rarely during the daily grind do my thoughts turn toward God in adoration or praise. Rarely do I even pause during the busyness of the workday to think about how to reach a cranky worker. The normal day consists of my attempting to accomplish the important tasks and organize the interruptions. So what is spiritual about my work? Isn’t being spiritual at work possible only for pastors or full-time ministry workers? Isn’t my teaching a class at church more spiritual and having a greater impact on eternity than the stuff I do at work?

I get frustrated because I rarely see any spiritual achievements from my work. I get good feedback from my peers about how well I get projects accomplished. I get a paycheck each week. But what does God get from my work?

I have heard it said that people I rub shoulders with in the workplace might never have the opportunity to see Christ reflected in a life except through mine. I have been meditating on Dt. 32:4, which says “He is the Rock; His work is perfect. Everything He does is just and fair. He is a faithful God who does no wrong; how just and upright He is!” It has occurred to me that this was a clue to my question. Jesus wants me to follow His example and be like Him in all ways.

While living amongst us as a human being, Jesus, the King of kings and Lord of lords, worked as an ordinary carpenter for over fifteen years. He acquired calluses on His hands. He priced His products fairly. What He produced was of the highest quality possible. He was faithful to the contract with customers regardless of the inconvenience. His business practices were just and withstood the scrutiny of both God His Father, and the men with whom He did business.

As I learn to reflect these same qualities, I am making my work spiritual. The pagan world is always examining Christians to line up our walk with our talk. I have the privilege in my work to present Jesus to my co-workers in the most natural setting. Oddly, I would not have chosen this method of fighting the Enemy by bringing ordinary men and women into the workplace to be witnesses to God’s Grace, but then I sometimes have trouble distinguishing spirituality from showmanship before God!

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