Marketplace Missionary


During one of my times alone before God, I was reading in Acts 14:21 – 28. These first century missionaries were on their way back to Jerusalem on the final leg of their first mission trip. Jesus had commissioned some ordinary folks to carry the Gospel. I got to thinking about “missionary work” and the harvest field in the marketplace. It has been my experience over the years in many different churches across the USA that the church at large seems to relegate mission work to those special few who want to make it their vocation. If I am reading Scripture correctly, this mentality does not fit the Scriptural injunction of Jesus’ command for all of us to “…go and make disciples…” Almost without exception, it is in the marketplace where the message of the God’s Grace finds receptive hearts.

Accountants, Sales professionals, Dishwashers, Enlisted folks, Officers, Plumbers, Laborers, Mechanics, Doctors, HR Professionals and Computer Technicians (to name just a few) are all part of the Marketplace. It is so easy in a world of deadlines and increasing productivity to see people right at my elbow as faceless masses that I ask God to bless once in a while. What would it take for me to see those souls who work around me become real people in need of Christ’s saving grace?

What would happen if these ordinary folks prayed for the surrounding communities and the business driving it? What would happen if each week we prayed for individuals that are working in a specific vocation or industry?

What would happen if these ordinary folks were to start praying for those working in the marketplace and are called to the marketplace as a ministry, by name? In most churches, prayer is offered for a specific “missionary when they come on stage to talk about the ministry with which they are involved.

What would happen if a Pastor or Elder would visit members of his flock in the workplace? Is there a first-hand sense of what individual Christian’s workplace feel, act and smell like? Is it a practice of Pastors or Elders to ask specifically how they can pray for their congregation’s workplace?
What would happen if these ordinary folks were to actually commission its men and women to the marketplace in special service? Would they feel differently knowing that the body of Christ to which they are connected is praying for them regularly? Would they feel a new or renewed sense of urgency and commitment to the Great Commission?

What would happen if we created a Marketplace Mission Field Week, focusing attention on the industries and demographics that our Marketplace Missionaries represent in Daybreak Church? Most churches have a Missions Week. The focus is always on vocational missionaries and those mostly working on foreign soil.

What would happen if these ordinary folks celebrated the fact that we have Marketplace Missionaries who are working in a particular company culture that is closed to outsiders? Their access to that culture is a work visa…being hired to be of service to that organization.

Would it not increase the harvest that God says is waiting for us ordinary folks if we just did some simple things in like this?

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