In the gathering twilight, the two mujtahid, Ahmed Abu Zeid and Dr. Sayyed Abdul-Rauf heard the loud voices outside the compound gate and then the splintering of wood as the four men on the battering ram demolished the gate.

From their shadowy vantage point behind the curtained window of the second floor overlooking the courtyard, they saw eight of the enemy running toward the front entrance below them. Simultaneously they showered deadly fire at the intruders, three immediately falling in screams of agony. The rest scrambled for shelter against the wall under their window. Five assault rifles were now aimed at the window eagerly waiting for a target.

Sitting beside the window in the darkened room, the two men were listening to a radio tuned softly to a local station.

“The still night air had a calming effect on his nerves,” whispered Ahmed. Suddenly, he grasped the Doctors arm. “Did you hear that sound?” He heard the distinct sound of metal snapping below and recognized instantly that a grenade pin had been removed. This is it he thought.

“I heard it. Allah is one…”

The radio announcer interrupted his words with: “Breaking news Jihad soldiers! In the Hadera marketplace, an explosion killed five adult Israelis, one Palestinian and injured 30 more Israeli children. Allah be praised. More infidels have been overcome by the hand of God!”

“That was my son Hassen, Doctor. Today he obtained martyrdom, my friend, just as we soon will.”

“Allah is praised. Did you remember to purify yourself this morning at the mosque?”

“Yes and I…schuss! What is that sound?”

From below, they became aware of running footsteps as two grenades landed on the floor next to them. In unison, they both began reciting: “There is no God but Allah, Muhammad is…” but a flash of light and thousands of pieces of shrapnel cut short their sentence as they were blasted into eternity.

* * * *

A grieving widow, Ruquaia Zeid sat on the floor of her brother-in-laws living room weeping. She held to her breast the only reminder of her loss…a picture of a teenager and his father both holding rifles. Many women gathered in the room weeping while the men were in the next room talking angrily.

“You can celebrate that they both died as martyrs for Allah” shouted out one of the men.

“I wanted to celebrate my son getting married and having a family!” wailed Ruquaia. “I wanted to grow old with my Ahmed. Now I have nothing!” There was bitterness in her voice and a deep-seated God-question plaguing her now.

Rachael Sauvget put her arm around her sister, weeping and rocking with her. She knew this was on of the many opportunities coming her way. “Lord Jesus,” she silently prayed, “give me strength, courage and wisdom to be your ambassador in the midst of enemy territory…”

Behind the clouds of eternity, angels were gathering around the two women, eagerly awaiting the coming celebration of a new birth…

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