It is interesting how our lives “evolve” as we become more Christ-ones in maturity.

The first Thursday of the month the men’s group I host has taken on a project of serving at the Bread of Life Mission in Oceanside…ministering to the homeless. We bring in food and serve it. Someone from the shelter gives a short message. Last month the Director came into the kitchen and asked if one of us would give the message. None of us volunteered. However, I felt as if the Lord were nudging [shoving is what it felt like] me to do it. So during April it seemed as if God were giving me a message out of Luke 12:13-21. The core of the message had to do with the three things that we all have in common: nothing at birth, nothing goes with us into death and we answer for what we have done with Jesus. Eight to ten minutes long with a clear message of invitation to salvation. So that was new for me…giving a gospel message to a group of strangers.

Yesterday, we got confirmation of dates to go to S. Africa for 10 days and meet with the OM folks there. This in another step to see if God is leading. Feeling like God maybe opening the door to working full-time for Him is a new thing for us. Neither of us feel “called” to the mission field much less some specific geographic location or people group, as I have heard some put it. But we do have a desire to spend the rest of our days maximizing our life for His service. So maybe there is an opportunity opening. Fifteen years ago the door slammed in our faces rather rudely. Today doors seem to be opening. Alot has to do with where God had to bring us before we could be useful to Him in an opportunity like this. If I look carefully, I can see vague shapes of the steps that He has been leading us up…teaching us how to climb; teaching us how to see through eyes of faith and learn to use what He gives us for resources.

As a young Christian I can point to several “opportunities” that I think that God was putting in front of me to serve Him. I said no. I was too busy career building. So God slammed the door…and waited. That is the very thing that makes the angels look down and marvel…and us look up and do the same. How does this Creator have so much grace and mercy to deal with such stiff-necked people.

Just some thoughts this morning…