My Place

“This is the One I was talking about…” John 1:15

John knew his mission: To point out Jesus.
John knew his purpose: To be replaced by Jesus as the center of attention.

This is what I am to be about if I dare call myself a follower of Christ: pointing out Jesus. This means that I must be in the business of allowing Him to replace my natural self-centered tendencies.

I have purposed that my mission is: To know Him.
I have purposed that my purpose is: To make Him known.

Becoming more like Him means becoming less like me in my behavior. Specifically, the exchanged life that Jesus wants us to do…the meaning behind His words of “take up My cross and follow Me”…or…”take my yoke upon you.” There is no magic formula here although the Enemy of my soul would want me to think that I just need to find the right mantra or verse and magically life will change. This deception is powerful to the point of causing inactivity.

Father, clearly show me what it means to exchange my ways of thinking and behavior for Yours. Help me to surrender to You what is not rightfully mine.

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