“You diligently study the Scriptures because you think that by them you possess eternal life…yet you refuse to come to me to have life.” John 5:39 – 40

Eternal life through Jesus is more than diligent study and memorization. It is more than learning facts about Jesus. It is more than being able to parse out meanings of the original languages. It is more than being able to debate great theological themes. Those things are meaningless if we do not know the Author. Eternal life from God’s perspective takes a willingness to learn from Him.

Eternal life through Jesus takes more than attending church every time the doors open. It is more than serving on committees. It is more than giving time to help the poor. Although those things are good, they are meaningless credits if I fail to come to Jesus for life. It takes a willingness to let Him be your friend and to be a friend to Him. It takes a desire to spend time with friends and our relationship with Jesus is no different.

Beware! You can study theology until you turn blue. You can gain great understanding of spiritual concepts. If you lack a humble spirit and are not willing to learn in your heart then you will be a man most miserable. It takes a willingness to come to Jesus.

Beware! You can study the Scriptures out of a sense of duty. The result will be a head full of facts but a soul barren of spiritual warmth. You can study knowledge about the Scripture because you think that it will propel you closer to God. The result will be time spent in a worthless pursuit because you soul is starving to death. Solomon said it well. He found out that anything apart from getting to know the ways of God is a “chasing after the wind.”

Beware! Do not slip into the temptation of “meeting with God” by rote.

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