Hey there Guys…

Today as I worked, I was thinking about both workplace and men’s ministries. I spent my first 40 years thinking that I was somebody. I spent the next 20 years learning that I was nobody. I want to spend the rest of my life allotted by God in discovering what God can do with a nobody like me. The turning point for me seems to have happened just over two years ago when I meditatively read through the book: Purpose Driven Life. I began to understand that God is in the business of disqualifying me from thinking that I am qualified for the mission He has called me to…be it the marketplace or vocational ministry.

Ed Silvoso’s book: Anointed for Business, as well as many studies over the years, consistently have demonstrated that 80% of the secular workforce is dissatisfied with their jobs. 50% of Christians are dissatisfied with their work. Maybe this is because 90-97% of Christians have not been trained to apply biblical faith where they spend 60-70% of their time. Herein may lie the difference between the Christian who is just trying to survive in the marketplace and the Christian who is transforming their place of work for Christ.

How many of us as men know that our call to the workplace is equal to a vocational ministry’s call in its spiritual importance. How do we as men get affirmation from the church for being in the workplace as missionaries? The church is quick to commission pastors, leaders and vocational missionaries for the work of the gospel. When have you ever seen a church commission folks to minister in the workplace? Would the church even consider allowing on a regular basis a two minute sharing from someone who has experienced God working through them in the marketplace? If as a church, we say that we are ministering to the community and the community is involved in the marketplace, what are we doing to meet that need?

Ministry, be it vocational or marketplace, is “an intentional focus of equipping men and women in all spheres of work and society to understand and experience their work and life as a holy calling from God.” “We are all called to Someone, not something.” “We are called to a holy calling of yielded work life and not just a job.” [Col 3:22-24] “Ultimate success in ministry is dependent upon my obedience to God, not my sweat and toil.” [These last thoughts were distilled from www.icwm.net].

Just some thoughts to ponder…

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