Choose to Refuse

“…he persevered because he saw Him who was invisible.”

A life of faith, I am discovering, looks to the future while operating here in the present. If I want to be living in faith then I will be making hard choices. Trusting Jesus…it rolls off the tongue so easily…means refusing to be known as a man of the world. Being identified as a Christian in anything more than name, means valuing Christ as the world puts disgrace on me far greater than my treasures in this life.

As I persevere in faith, my fear of the kings of the world grows dim as I learn to fear the Creator King. Rather than fearing what I can see, I am learning to fear the eternal invisible God of reality. Rather than enjoying some temporary pleasures, I am learning to be obedient to the One who has opened my eyes and called me out of darkness into light.

The world will bring me hardship and disgrace if I choose to refuse what it offers. Seeing the One who is invisible will allow me to preserver in the course set out for me by Him.

Heavenly Father, I need your help in persevering to choose a life of faith over sight. I want to make the right choices, denying self-pleasure over a life of obedience to You. Thank you for disentangling us from the world-system so that we are free to follow You!