Running Out of Control

I have been thinking lately that life moves swiftly and we run frantically to keep up with it. We try to achieve so much by multi-tasking. We are in constant motion. And when we are not in motion, our minds are in motion planning out the next move. I would be a millionaire with the number of times I have awoken at 1am and laid awake with my mind refusing to shut down. I suspect that so much constant motion should be a red flag that I am not pausing enough to regularly examine my life or even to spend time with my Creator. Being in constant motion is one of the master tools of the Enemy to prevent me from asking myself how much my life mirrors what God desires for me.

The question running around in my brain during this last year is simply this: “What am I really accomplishing, especially in light of eternity?” I keep asking myself just how much of what I do is going to matter after I am only a memory in the people that know me. Even more graphic and Jesus provided the graphics…of the things I am doing, what is made of gold, silver and precious stones? Those are the things that will last past the grave because they will past the test of fire. All of the rest is made of hay, wood and underbrush. We who live here in sunny California know how excellent a fuel this is for the eager flames!

Today, I challenge you to pause with me and evaluate your life’s pace. Are you exhausted by all of the self-inflicted expectations of hay, wood and underbrush? Or are you thriving in your God-directed purpose made of gold, silver and precious stones…building a “nest-egg” in heaven where moth cannot eat at it and rust is unknown?

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