One of the reasons that I like to get face-to-face time with other guys over coffee is that it gives me a chance to work out my ideas of practical faith-based living. The things that I have internalized by faith emerge in the sessions of where my rubber faith meets the concrete road of life. My faith is hammered out [beating would sometimes be the appropriate adjective here!] in the everyday, mundane experiences of living. It is not my preferred methodology for discipleship when I face the fists of the Accuser and find that my faith is not resolved in heady discussions about the nature of evil!

God works behind the scenes. Columbine High School looked like a tragedy beyond comprehension after the siege. It is still a great tragedy but look at what came out of the chaos. Eternal testimonies like as in the one who was executed because she said she believed in Jesus. Those words cost her immediate bullet to the brain. I wonder what will come out in the aftermath of Virginia Tech. We cannot assume that it too is a total waste. God, the same Artist that that took ordinary clay and produced us can take the horror of Virginia Tech and have it suddenly bud with eternal life!

World leaders are frantic with fear. Business associates have lost their way, evidenced by their lives. But they refuse to acknowledge anything beyond their own mental capacities. With the escalation of global events, the instability of economies and the religiously arrogant power-hunger factions willing to take lives indiscriminately, there seems to be only one solution, seek God’s face. “…lean not on your own understanding…” is the counsel that God keeps insisting on from me, instead of seeking to understand on my own. The “trusting” is the mechanism that allows God to give insight and understanding when the time is right…if ever. During the duration, He is developing my faith in Him.

The bottom line is this. When I read in the Bible as in Deut 6:3 do I hear God say to me “Hear Glen, and be careful to obey so that it may go well with you…” or do I read what I want to read and hear God say “Hear Glen, and be careful to obey the god of understanding it all.” My way seems right but leads to destruction.