Eternal values…

I have just read a biography of James O. Fraser, a missionary to China with OMF [CIM]. He was a talented and intelligent man with a brilliant career…but he choose to surrender it all. As I look back on my own life I see many junctures where decisions were made. But my decisions were based on human understanding of “what if.” My corporate career was decided by the question of “if only.” Too often I missed opportunities that God was placing before me. I thought that as soon as I mastered a particular job I would be better prepared for God to move me on to a ‘real‘ opportunity.

What I have discovered over the last couple of years is that the Sovereign God works in the here and now and not in the future. Those things that I am involved in are appointed by Him. The enemy of my soul wants me to work in the future…and the reality is that none of us have any control over the future. Who controls their heart beating? We cannot plan the future since we have no control over the future heartbeat. It is a sobering fact. The Bible never tells me to wait for opportunities in the future but to work hard now serving Him. The future is His to give.

Preaching or fixing a toilet…which is more spiritual in the sight of God? In His economy, all outcomes have an eternal significance.

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