What lasts…

On the cosmic canvas God has placed a speck. To the human eye this speck is almost undectable. Very few have seen this speck. It duration is vapor-like. Once the speck is gone noone will remember the speck. The DNA of this speck is of God’s choosing. The speck is me and in light of cosmic eternity I can rightly ask the question: Does my life matter?

All humans want to be remembered…to leave a legacy. That is why we go to such elaborate measures for funreals and headstones. We want to be remembered. We go through lots of pain while living and we want something to show for it. The mistake we make is thinking that the important memory is here on earth. My choices in life build a significant composite. The composite is eternal.

Whether we choose to believe that there is a Creator or that this Person has a say in your destiny is a moot point. It is one thing to know about God but quite another to know God. To know God is to live so that God can carry out His purposes in my life. It is all about eternity. My birth and death are the book covers of my life…what survives the fires of of God’s inspection will be my ‘memorial.’ And what is it that survives? It is not things. It is the relationships that have seen the image of Jesus reflected in me. Eternity will hold the book pages of my life between book covers made new.

My life is fleeting according to Psalm 89:47. Learning more about God is fleeting. Knowledge in of itself does not save a soul; therefore it brings no lasting satisfaction. Learning to know God requires that I both am willing to be bold enough to experience Him and humble enough to be His disciple. Now I have purpose…to experience God by humbly being an obedient servant which in turn will glorify God. My purpose remains constant while my role in the body of Christ will change over time. My purpose is simple…”Follow me” says Jesus. [John 21:22]

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