Thumbs up to Plan A…

“When God speaks, neutrality is not an option…the condition of [my heart] is revealed in [my] Hearing God’s Voice; p.45 Italics added. response. Henry & Richard Blackaby:

I can respond positivity as Mary did to the angel of the Lord’s announcement [Luke 1: 19-20] or I can respond negatively as did Jonah and run away. We can run but we cannot hide. The Hound of Heaven stays on our trail. As I look back on my Christian walk, I have either given God a thumb’s up or down to His calling. What I have often failed to understand was obedience is never an option…especially if I try to claim to be a disciple of Christ. God only has Plan A. There is no room for Plan B. God’s plans are airtight and infallible. He has no need for an alternative or backup plan from me.

What makes my plan [Plan B] so attractive to me is a failure to place complete trust in the King of kings. God’s wisdom is unsearchable. That is what makes trusting God so difficult for me. Since I cannot plumb the depth of His reasoning and plan, I automatically feel that His plan may fail…lack of trust in what we cannot see is a lack of faith in Him. He has created me with a free will to choose as I desire. I can choose Plan B and He will not strike me dead. Nothing bad may happen. But there are consequences in the choices I make. Note…I did not say judgments but consequences. Judgments are what happen in eternity.

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