It is all a matter of perspective

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<![endif]–>There is a story that comes out of India that tells about a donkey who was very proud of himself. He was a diligent donkey because he was easy to ride and did not have to be prodded. Many who rode him commented that they thought that he actually enjoyed his work. However, his pride turned to arrogance after he carried one particular man. His arrogant pride got so bad that he could no longer get along with other donkeys. He is a famous donkey who is recorded in history over 2000 years ago. You guessed it. It is the donkey who carried Jesus on his last trip to Jerusalem. So why was he so proud of himself? Did this pride come from the fact that he was privileged to carry Jesus? No. In his own words this is what he told the other donkeys:

Here I am minding my own business standing on the street corner waiting for my master. Two strange men [they smelled like fishermen] came up and untied me and started to lead me away. My master came running out of the house shouting at these two men. One of the men turned and said ‘the Master has need of me’ at which my master just shook his head and walked back into the house. I was led to the outskirts of our village where a crowd was gathered. Someone threw a cloak over me and then this man climbed on my back and we started out toward Jerusalem. As we went the crowds got bigger. People were throwing their cloaks on the ground for me to walk on. That was really nice because sometime small stones can get wedged in my hoof. Then the crowds started singing Hosanna and throwing flowers toward me. It was a wonder trip into Jerusalem with all of the clapping and waving for me! I was so happy. Finally, I was getting the recognition I deserve for all of the hard work I do. No other donkey has ever had praise heaped on him like me.”

We can be just like that donkey. We too can get caught up in all of the clapping and waving and think that it is for us. I am thankful for all that God is doing in us, through us and around us. We work hard. However, if anything of eternal value is achieved it is the Lord who has accomplished it. When we think otherwise, we are in danger of being like the prideful donkey.

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