Learning about God…

Wow! Praise God! Our car cost us less than R600 [$60] to fix. All it needed to fix its constantly dying was a new battery. Batteries do not last more than about two years here…even top of the line products. The original battery was just over two years old.

I told my co-workers last week during some prayer time that ever since I acquired the car I have wanted to blow it up because it has cost me too much. It is a true P&P missionary car…Pray & Push.

Recently I have had an interesting insight. This car is being used by Father as a “forming tool” not unlike those used in forming clay objects. He has been forming prayer habits in us. Now I am not so sure that I want to part with the car…not because it is a good car or my having any sentimental value toward it…but it keeps me aware that it is God who brings good things into my life and not my cleverness. God is faithful to continue what He has started, both in my life and my work here in South Africa. The KEY to experiencing this faithfulness is my implicit trusting Him. God has no reason to prove Himself to me nor is He obligated to do so. I must learn to come to Him as a child expecting Him to take care of me.

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