Easter Celebration

April 2010

Greetings everyone!  Happy Easter.  We had a marvelous Easter weekend with a conference at our church on Kingdom Leadership.  We had several speakers, luncheon both Friday and Saturday and great fellowship with other church members.

I have, with the help of a couple of the ladies in the church, learned a couple of songs in Zulu or Sotho (I not sure which language).  It is great fun to sing a worship song in a foreign language and understand what you are singing!

Easter service was one of total celebration in our church.   We sang and danced and celebrated communion as praise & acknowledgement of his sacrifice for us.  It was a fabulous service.  (I even danced with the ladies in front of the church in my 4 inch heels (I’m surprised I could do that!)).  So very enjoyable to dance to the Lord!

This month we are going to use the Logos Hope’s newsletter as most of our newsletter.  It will give you a good insight to what our ship is doing.  I believe I told you that Logos Hope has finished her first year in service.  For her to continue sailing she has a few repairs that need to be completed as a part of her conditions of being commissioned last year.

Glen has been very busy with the property at our Ministry Centre.  Our new electrical fence doesn’t always operate properly because we have too much shrubbery next to the fence and constantly shorts it out in the wind.  Glen keeps mending the fence and cutting back scrubs, but we need to hire someone to completely clear the fence area.  With all his departments I’m afraid he gets caught up in putting out fires.   Oh the tyranny of the urgent.

I, Kathe, have had the opportunity to teach about HIV/AIDS and STIs on two occasions.  Once to a group of university advisors and teachers and once to the volunteers at NeoBirth.  I love teaching and am thoroughly enjoying volunteering at NeoBirth once a week.

Our World Cup outreach is in dire need of participants.  To date we only have 22 people confirmed for the outreach and it is only 5 weeks away.  We were hoping for 1000 and planning on 500.   We believe the expense of flying into South Africa before the World Cup is the cause of our low numbers.  The cost of foreign flights have been doubled and even tripled on some airlines.

Glen has been struggling with his health the last few weeks.  He has a nasty cough and feels a bit worn out with it.  He has been on antibiotics and they helped a little, but now that he has finished them his cough has gotten worse again.  Of course it is a holiday weekend and the doctor is not available.  He will go see her tomorrow.

We want to ask you all to please pray about the political climate in South Africa.  The country is becoming ripe to tear itself apart.  The ruling party is the ANC,  the African National Congress.  This is a communist ideologically influenced party whose president is a black Zulu, President Zuma. The party’s youth leader is a man name Julius Malema.  He is advocating, “Killing the Boer” which means kill the white farmer.  He sings this song at every gathering.  The youth love joining in with the singing. He has also said that South Africa will be taking the white farmer’s land by force as is done in Zimbabwe; a country in total bankruptcy whose people have no money, food, etc.  He believes that South Africa should be all black.  Obviously the white people are responding very negatively to Malema.  He is teaching the youth to hate whiteness, not specifically white people but the simply the color of people.  But the ruling party does nothing to stop him.

Yesterday a white racist was murdered on his farm by a couple of very young black men, 16 and 21 years old.  This is stirring up the white racist faction and putting the black racist faction on the defense.  The situation is becoming very dangerous.

The second issue is the escalating violent protests of the government’s lack of provision of basic services such as, water, electricity, garbage pickup and sewage.  For example; one black township had raw sewage running through people’s homes due to a broken pipe for 5 or 6 weeks before the people staged several protest each becoming more violent to get the local government to respond.  Another township began placing their garbage on the steps of local government buildings in protest of no garbage pickup in their township.

Many of us believe we are heading for a civil war between blacks and blacks (tribal) and blacks and whites.   Most of the African continent is in civil war between tribes.  This is looking possible in South Africa too with the added tension of black against white and visa versa.

Our car developed a hole in its radiator hose and was emptying the radiator within about 10 miles of driving.  We carried a 5 liter jug of water in the car because to replace this hose was several thousand rand.   Our mechanic at OM found us an Audi hose that fit our car for only a couple of hundred rand.

God has so blessed us…

  • We live in an arid part of South Africa and have had lots of rain, the reservoirs are full.
  • Our mechanic found an inexpensive alternative to fix our car.
  • God has kept the Ministry Centre ‘invisible’; we have not had any break-ins even with our malfunctioning fence.
  • With the joy of Easter.
  • With all your support and prayers, thank you.

We need prayer for …

  • The money to get the scrubs removed around our electrical fence.
  • People to work in Glen’s departments.
  • Participants in our World Cup outreach.
  • The money for Logos Hope to make her repairs, they will total several million dollars.
  • Glen’s health, he’s been struggling with a nasty cough for several weeks.
  • The political climate in South Africa.

Our God is beyond awesome!

Unkulunkulu – bigger than big God

Glen & Kathe