“…I became…”

Getting “saved” is not about getting the right information to live by.  It is about gaining the right identity.  It is not about theology [although that is important].  It is about getting to know the Lord Jesus.  1CO 9:22 Helping people in getting “saved” is all about, to use the words of Paul: “…I became…”  He was not one of the frozen chosen.  He bent over backwards to accommodate and be culturally sensitive and relevant without compromising the Gospel.  Lord, help me to “become” as one of them.  The blessing [v.23] is seeing people snatched from a journey into Hell to enjoy an eternity working for Jesus.

Living Simply…

Worship God.” That is the final command in the Bible.  [Rev 22:9]  The wisest man in the Bible said that the only duty of man was to “…fear God…” as that was the conclusion to the matter of our living life.  This does not require brains, money, political power or education.  All it requires is my heart…to love God with all my heart and mind.

What do you really need?

There was panic in the small boat.  Mark 4: 35-41 has the event.  Jesus rebuked the wind and waves.  He did not rebuke these men for failing to calm the sea themselves.  He rebuke them for failing to stay calm as the storm threatened them.  They failed to understand that He was there with them in the boat.  That is all that is ever needed.

Seeing but blind…

Friday, 21 May 2010 @ 07h30

God keeps showing up and blessing us and there are times that we are not aware.  The Global Challenge for the World Cup in South Africa costs us R1500.  This amount we did not have.  However, the Lord provided through a once-off job that Kathe did.  She provided a workshop for a Rwandan woman who was moving to the US with her husband.  Kathe was approached by an American woman who provides cross-cultural training, has lived in South Africa for 25 years and felt like she had been out of the country too long to be relevant about the US culture.  The amount Kathe was paid not only covered the cost of the Global Challenge fee but also covered the transfer costs of payment from the US to our bank account here in South Africa.

At first the extra money was nice and we thought about ways we could use it personally.  A few days later Kathe told me that she suddenly realized that the amount she was getting was the amount we needed…it was the money that we did not have.  We have been reflecting back now to times like these wondering if we had failed to see God working and blessing us.  Hmmmm.