What is God producing in your life?

Have you ever asked yourself the question:  “What is happening in my life that can only be explained as the working of the Holy Spirit?”

Being quiet and listening

I may be the happiest when I can be in a quiet place.  All I need is a pen, journal, Bible, my laptop and any other books that I may need.  I need a table to spread out on.  It needs to be a quiet place where I can sit back and reflect or lean forward and write.  It needs to be a place to focus and meditate.

Why I am a disciple of Jesus

Discipleship is not about being critical.  It is about God being able to showcase how He is able to take an ordinary guy like you and me and change us into the people that He designed us to be … a Christ-led men who understands what being a World Christian means.  They are the ones that fishe in the spiritual pools of mankind.

All growth and all desiring more of God is a direct result of exercising discipline.  Discipline does not happen in a seminar or conference no matter how great the speaker.  Discipline is not the function of being in the right church. 

Discipline is not finding the right place for one to serve.  All of these things are good in their right place.  Discipline is no more and no less than effort on our part.  It is a daily choice. 

Want to be a disciple of Jesus?  Adopt an attitude of expecting God to change you.  Adopt the attitude of an eager learner.  It is like being a sponge.  But with the adoption comes a warning:  Do not have unrealistic expectations about the time frame for what God is going to do and how He purposes to do it.  You are His workmanship and it is His plans that He follows. 

True discipleship means that we will become changed.  This will mean that we stand a chance to become critical of everything from our fellow Christians to the wisdom of the church that we attend.  True discipleship means that we need to recognize the tools that God provides us.