Lonely Warrior

“No man cared for my soul.” Psalm 142:4
Men come to church for lots of reasons but deep down they are looking for acceptance. They want to know that other men care for them. It is the relationships that are forged that will keep being them back no matter what they are doing in the church. And relationships do not happen overnight! The Bible teaches that if a man is to have friends then he must be friendly toward those around him and some would put the burden of relationships on the men coming into our fellowship to check things out. But the Bible also says that men bring with them some deep wounds from their past … failures that are not easily talked about … and some unspoken anxieties about their future. What men want to know is simply this: “Will you guys still accept me even if I do not fit the mold? Will you guys still accept me even if I am unable to change as quickly as you may want me to? Let us not have such a rigid structure that it prevents things from happening. Is our greatest concern on Tuesday night “How many men will we get this evening?” One of the constant barometer checks we as leaders have to make on our hearts has to do with pride. Pride insidiously wants us to be more concerned with our own image than meeting people’s needs. Men are warriors but they can also have a side of them that is shy, distrusting or they are just plain relational impaired. Our mission is to make friends of them. Paul wrote in his letter to the Galatians Church to “Bear one anothers burdens …’ [Galatians 6:2] In a nutshell, that is the essence of a men’s ministry. God’s love and miraculous things happen to men when they find acceptance amongst their peers.

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