Living-dead living

Col 3:5  “Put to death therefore what is earthly in you…”

It is difficult to live as a living-dead man. The seat of my desires shows itself in the different parts of my body. I like the old English word “members.” My body is composed of different members. All of the members are subject to earthly desires. The eye is different from the hand. The brain is different from the mouth. Yet the eye, brain, mouth and hand all feed information to the seat of my desires. This is where “sexual immorality, impurity, passion, evil desire, and covetousness” are fed to the seat of my desires. In the Garden, where perfection reigned, the information flow was untainted. But the proverbial “I” rebelled and garnered the wrath of God. “I” was expelled. “I” now became a creature of idolatry. Now I live, as a citizen outside of the Garden, in a body of members who tainted by earthly desires that are hostile to a holy God. And the only remedy is death, but to not the physical members, as that would harm or even kill me. It is the seat of desires that will be dominated and killed. It is a beast; a wild horse that refuses to be broken. As anyone knows who has been horseback riding. The reins are for keeping the horse from running away with the rider. By denying domination to the seat of my desires I keep the control; I keep rein over  influence of my members from running away with me. My experience teaches me that not putting to death this pale horse allows it to gain power and morph into a raging bull elephant. It is warfare. In warfare, you kill the enemy bent on killing you before he succeeds.

2 thoughts on “Living-dead living

  1. the enemy meaning your own fleshly desires? And/or the enemy of self-critism? How does one flesh out the enemy from within? From ones perspective it’s self-critism, but from another it’s self-pity? I have had many mentors state that I self loathe and/or self pity which would mean I am self absorbed, but if I fellowship with others of like mindedness then selfishness is one of my biggest enemies. Enabling love vs. tough love, where is the line drawn?….I suppose pray fully?, biblically and physically? Thoughts Dad? Do what I write hurt others? How would I know? Confrontation is easier written, but verbal is more impacting….hmmm I really like your post.

  2. the last enemy is death…..and our presence on earth is determined by God not by men and/or a man.

    I am assuming that last enemy is those who hurt you Dad? Or is it in reference to the enemy within?

    The pale horse is in reference to the pale horse in Revelations? I would agree…..the “I” within my own heart rages at times and condemnation breathes it’s ugly voice daily in odd ways.

    it’s a matter of ignoring the voices of men and praising God’s word which His Voice.

    the enemy’s voice will never win, meaning Satan and as God wrote, “the last enemy to be destroyed is death” and in Revelation it states that “we overcome him(meaning the enemy) by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony; they did not love their lives so much as to shrink from death.
    Revelation 12:10-12 (in Context) Revelation 12 (Whole Chapter).

    How do one’s desires attempt to even understand the heart of man and/or the overpowering presence of God when we face death? which leads my rabbit-trail brain to selfishness?

    Look forward to your writings. D-I-L-AKA: Your lab rab(bit) for a day…hee hee…..going to clean and hopefully plant carrots in the garden….soon.

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