Water tight integrity

I was not able to listen to President Obama’s State of the Union address. However, I am reading all of the commentary that it generates. Ever since getting back to the US, I am worried for this nation’s future. It appears that Obama briefly addressed our country’s ever-growing deficit, but he reinforced his stance on how the rich must pay their due. It appears that he is refusing to acknowledge any other solutions for our nation’s debt other than creating class distinctions, something that the Constitutional framers worked hard to eliminate. Reading about his other speeches, the problem of debt crisis is nominal.

I am a navy veteran and the political situation feels as if I am in a sinking ship. Water is pouring from this huge gash in the bottom of the boat. Water pressure is causing the gash to widen; threatening to break the keel in two. Captains in the past have not called for watertight integrity as they poured more power to the ship because they wanted to be popular with the crew. The two crews [Port Water Integrity Crew and Starboard Water Integrity Crew] responsible for getting rid of the water only argue about which side of the boat they should work on first. Each crew is insisting that their side gets fixed first. They insist on using only their very limited material rather than combining material and crews. If they manage to come to an agreement, they only lift a single bucket of water out of the onslaught of liquid and then go right back to arguing. The President and Congress seems incapable of understanding that we have to band together and that everyone has to compromise for this problem to be solved. The President saying that simply making the rich pay 30 percent of their income in taxes isn’t going to be a fix all. Is that disturbing to you? Does that seem short-sighted? But then should I expect better heading into an election year? The priority is not fixing the country but getting votes to stay in office.

Because we as a nation have for the most part abandoned the idea of being ‘one nation under God’ this abandonment has deprived her of leaders that truly care about America and its future. Our nation’s future is becoming nothing more than a foolish fairy tale. That is why I do not pin my hopes on a party or man to bring change. Political parties and men change to suit their agendas but Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever. I am staking my vote on Him.

One thought on “Water tight integrity

  1. Who are you going to vote for on the Republican side then? The biggest problem as well is on the other side and that is those who can physically work, but choose not to do so, meaning those who use the system to pay for their welfare.

    Psychologically, how does one shore up those who are poor and needy to work (meaning those who are of the younger generations) without streaming them into the ER for drugs, etc?

    This gets into medical benefits and those who simply pay under the table and use their companies Sam’s Club card to pay for their families income and/or food. Is that stealing from the employer? As a manager dad and for the big CEO’s what brings them to the cross of Christ to give up their kingdoms, to pay more to the janitors and/or those who are less privileged? We had an underprivileged (mentally not there) janitor and the contract when they bought the building was to keep him there as long as he lived and our CEO worked the building, when the recession hit a few years ago, he was let go…I went in to attempt to give some of my salary and/or raise to keep him on, but due to red tape, he could not remain. Do I quit (no) and give him my salary so my CEO keeps his word? NO, as that would not help those at home, but I do pray for our CEO and those in the facility.

    God does bring into office for whatever reason and at times we don’t understand the Presidents’ choices and/or decisions. i suppose God does.

    Praying for good VPs as well as I honestly think these men/women think that that position is a free ride….I’m not sure what Cheney did in office, besides be the 1st to announce on the radio the possibility of going to war in Iraq…..to attempt to see what the public thought…..That was not a very healthy choice….and Colin Powell was probably the only honest man in office then. I’m just thankful BL. is dead and the war is over and peace will come to the world somewhat.

    My Aunt blamed fighting wars on testosterone, but I honestly believe God, the hearts of men (gender neutral) are bent on evil and “our hearts are deceitfully wicked”

    Thanks be to God for Christ. Celebrating Easter with you and K in spirit this weekend!

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