He did not rob me …

Humanly speaking, I have Dave Pauley to thank for diligently allowing God to speak and act through him, even when it was inconvenient, so that I would not stay in my original state sin. Looking back, he tithed his time above ten percent. Had he not he would have been a thief. When we withhold what God wants to do through us, we become thieves. He was an ordinary guy who refused to live for himself. Because he lived for others, he did not rob me of the blessing that God wanted in my life. He was the one who took the time to talk to me about my relationship to Christ. Because he was a saint [one set apart for the work of service in God’s Kingdom] I left my darkness and entered into the Light. Had he declined the mission, God would have raised up someone else. David was obedient. He did not always understand my doubts and hesitation and endless questions. But he was obedient and continued on patiently praying and talking to me. I finally “heard” the Gospel because David was obedient and faithful to God. And He gave some as … teachers … to the building up of the body of Christ; (Ephesians 4:12 NASB)

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