Supernaturally Speaking

Many people will tell you that the universe is void and empty. Since there is no one out there then there is silence. But if we listen, we will find that the universe was created by God and therefore is fundamentally personal. There is a story out there. If we are related to the Lord Jesus than we are part of the bigger story being written called His story. If we are willing to listen then we will hear God speaking in a multitude of different ways. It is supernatural. We strive today to be informed as to the latest happenings and events. We hate being uninformed so we attach to many streams of social media. We look for trending. But without a connection to the Creator of the universe, we are being led astray. We are influenced by mute idols. Because we refuse or are confused by all of the chatter in the world does not mean that God has stopped talking.

Under the old code, diversity was not tolerated. There were no options to obeying the code. It was unity under the code or penalty of separation or worse, death. 2000 years ago God updated the code. He undertook a new humanity project and this was all about unity through diversity. Under the old code there was a rupture causing alienation in our relationship with the Creator. God, wanting to repair the rupture, came to the earth as Jesus, who headed up this new humanity project. Jesus bridged the rupture and created a new man. It was like Gandalf suddenly showed up on our door step and our relationship to the Shire was never the same again. Here is the problem. Nothing makes sense in the Bible unless we are rightly related to the Author who is speaking supernaturally to us.

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