Little things DO count …

For a lot of guys, living out the basics of the Christian faith just does not sound too exciting. Too insignificant. Not enough guts and glory. But it is the little things that usually stumble us. It happens in the spiritual world. It certainly happens in the natural world. Consider this:

In 1962, the Mariner 1space probe was launched to travel to Venus and provide information to NASA scientists. It never got there. It plunged into the Atlantic Ocean four minutes after takeoff. An investigation was initiated into the cause for the crash. What did these top minds find? They traced the fatal problem to the computer program directing the spacecraft. In the program, a single minus sign had been left out.

American Football 2

The way a follower of Jesus handles small things, both in attitude and execution. How we handle the football determines how we will handle larger game in ‘doing life.’ Reality check: Do I have the same attitude as Naaman?

11-12 Naaman lost his temper. He turned on his heel saying, “I thought he’d personally come out and meet me, call on the name of God, wave his hand over the diseased spot, and get rid of the disease. The Damascus rivers, Abana and Pharpar, are cleaner by far than any of the rivers in Israel. Why not bathe in them? I’d at least get clean.” He stomped off, mad as a hornet.

13 But his servants caught up with him and said, “Father, if the prophet had asked you to do something hard and heroic, wouldn’t you have done it? So why not this simple ‘wash and be clean’?”

[2 Kings 5:12-13 The Message (MSG)]

I would recommend reading the whole chapter. Really insightful.

One thought on “Little things DO count …

  1. It is the little things that bring Christ closer to people, bring hope and grace closer to people and allow people to see Jesus through the dense mist that cloud their perceptions and faith. Theologically speaking – incarnational living

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