Things are not what they seem …

One of the most popular memory verses about the promise of God to meet our needs is found in Matthew 6:33 which says, “Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things will be provided unto you.” Often we get caught up in the asking and seeking answers to basic things like food and clothing. Although this verse holds incredible promise with emphasis on God’s provision, we loose sight of significant issues of Kingdom Living.

As in learning to live life with God, there is often more to learn than we initially perceive. Most of the time when we read this chapter in Matthew, we focus on this verse [dessert] and miss the real substance of the meal.

Jesus declared over and over again God’s purpose of a new and different kind of living. His reference to ‘seek His kingdom‘ reminds us that there is more to reality than what we can see, feel, hear, or taste. The hot topic of Jesus’ day was the national agony of Roman occupation of their homeland. Because of His power and the ability to do the impossible, people saw in Jesus a military or political leader to deliver them from their enemy. Jesus made it clear more than once that He was not going to set up a earthly kingdom. It was hard for people to hear and understand this spiritual truth when their lives were so dominated by material things. And Jesus made it clear that this was their choice.

To seek the kingdom of God over other things means that our singular aim in life is that God reigns in our hearts. Jesus did not come from lofty beginnings. He was born into a poor family who materially ranked on the fringes of poverty. He was a carpenter and had no formal training according to the standards of the day. What he did have and modeled for us, was a single-minded passion to seek God’s kingdom. But what on earth does that mean?

There is a difference between foresight and foreboding. The farmer uses foresight and plants his seed at the right time. But there is no need for him to brood over the seed, laying awake at nights all through the spring and summer, worrying about the distant harvest that he has no control over.

Genuine faith is a spiritual reality that transcends our material existence. The reality of things are not what they seem. Dorothy looked around at the strange land of OZ told Toto that they were not in Kansas any more. In Star Wars, Luke discovers the force that opens the door of possibilities beyond his wildest imagination. When Frodo finds the ring, he is introduced to a cosmic battle that was outside the realm of his thinking. We love stories not because we think they are real, but the stories transport us to new possibilities.

As Christians, we get caught up seeking material things. We depend on self and so our chief anxiety is seeking those things that have no real value. They are important but in the realm of things that are not what they seem, they have not lasting value. Whether we choose to believe it or not, God has control over all things. How are you choosing to live?