He broke the loaves

Image“… Then he broke the loaves and gave them to the disciples…” [Matthew 14:19 ESV]

Read Matthew 14:13-21 to get the full story.

God can use me when He blesses me. He can only feed others when He puts His hands on me to break me – then I can bless others. We want to be a blessing to others. To see a great multitude of immortal souls around us, the greatest part which are neglected and ready to perish, should grieve our hearts. Too often our hearts go out to the suffering and we wring our hands but we do nothing. Jesus broke the mold. He did not only took pity on them, but he helped them.

There is no magic going on here. Jesus did not speak some formula over the bread and it magically started to multiply. The multiplication took place as it was distributed. Not by Jesus but by His disciples. Kingdom Principle: God works through His servants who are willing to distribute His blessings. His disciples, then and today, are the vehicles for distributing both physical and spiritual food. We receive it from His hands and give it away. By giving the loaves and fish to His disciples to distribute, Jesus was showing that the disciples were working alongside of Him. He and they were working together.

Did you notice that Jesus did not appoint one of the disciples to be a “chaplain,” someone who would pray over the food? Jesus Himself was the one who ‘looked up to heaven’ and gave thanks to His Father. It is God who provides the food. We are the distributors.  

Disciples of Jesus can never fill people’s hearts, unless He Himself fills His disciples hands. The Apostle Paul wrote to the church in Corinth these words: “For I received from the Lord that which I also delivered to you…” [1 Corinthians 12:23 NASB] We are stewards. We give from His resources to give to others. Many times God has brought someone across my path and indicated that I am to feed him. But the challenge is greater than what I can do or the skills that I have. Jesus told the disciples to feed the crowd. They quickly realized that they did not have the resources to do so. Perfect. Now we are forced realize that we are terribly inadequate in our own resources. We then can realize that it is God who makes Himself ultimately responsible for people being fed … be it one or many. It is only as we open our hands and let God fill them and then turn and distribute what he give us, that the Living Bread multiplies in our hands. There is always more than enough left for the distributor.