Meditations on Proverbs – Proverbs 1:2b

Proverbs has been provided to us by God so that we are able “to discern the sayings of understanding.”

We seek understanding so that we can distinguish right from wrong. We seek wisdom and instruction so that we can discern truth from counterfeit. Our lives are short. God tells us that they are like smoke that curls up and disappears. In that short amount of time we need to be able to distinguish and perceive the words of what is true knowledge.

The Gospel, God’s good news for us, exceeds the understanding of a natural man. It takes a man willing to seek the face of God and then the Holy Spirit reveals the meanings of knowing; we come to an understanding of the Bible under the guidance and direction of the Spirit of God.

When we discern the Bible, we are able to form right notions of people, relationships and events around us. We gain discernment in to how to speak and act wisely, as well as to help others. Paul told the believers who lived in the town of Philippi that they would want to discern correctly the Bible so that they “may approve the things that are excellent, in order to be sincere and blameless until the day of Christ.”

F. B. Meyer I think said it best when he wrote about the benefits of studying Proverbs: “Certain it is that the [men] who ponder and practice these maxims can hardly fail of a successful career.”

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