Psa 103:2 Praise the LORD, my soul, and forget not all his benefits–

I do not have a perfect memory. I may forget some of the things that God has done in my life over the years. I should never forget them all! God, help me to not be oblivious to what You are doing due to lack of attention on my part. When life gets messy around us, one of the first things that we forget is to give thanks to God. David is rousting his soul, that inner-most part of him that represents his whole being to acknowledge what God has done for him.

God in His unfathomable mercy ordained that I should receive good from His hand when I only deserved ill. His actions of salvation toward me have brought a myriad of benefits. Only those who have been redeemed from sin and self-destruction by experiencing His grace understand this psalm. It is a song of a saint, undeservedly crowned with loving kindness and compassion, in route through lonely shadowed valleys to the City of God. When we get to the end of our journey here on earth, we are going to be really surprised at the amount of ‘salvation’ God has heaped on our lives for our good. And we will have enough to praise Him for eternity.

My focus is to be on what God has accomplished in my salvation; not only past but present as well. I do not want to remember the puny self-efforts that I have tried or the haphazard opportunistic chances I took on events that ‘seemed’ right.

Jesus Christ pardoned all of my sins. Every last one of them He dealt with voluntarily on His cross. That payment is all-inclusive. God is still forgiving as I am tempted and fall into sin today.

My remembering in my soul, that place internally beyond the reaches of heartbeat and breathing, that directs from whence I came, where I am going and Who is leading the way, is an act of blessing. “Bless the LORD, O my soul.



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