Being other-centric is hard to do consistently individually, much less for a church. It is much easier for both to institute and follow rules for controlling people’s lives. I like to be connected to churches that want to intentionally reach people who do not go to church. I like being a part of a church that looks out at those people who are outside of the church looking in. Jesus made disciples of all sort of people – people that society would normally ignore. Jesus embodied the good news of salvation and restoration to God’s kingdom. That is what we are to be about, inviting people looking in, people of all sorts regardless of their social or economic status.

Jesus was deeply passionate about setting the stage to be able to invite people to “do life with God.” And that is what we should be about as well. Biblically based Christianity is a life that is not about rules but about relationship. Church should be a place where we can bring our friends, family and any others that are far from God. I think that we have lost the concept of the original church that started in the marketplace. We tend to only invite to church those that appear to be a fit for our church. With that attitude goes the hope that they will get a taste of what life with God will be like and help them move toward a better understanding of who and what God is all about.

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