1Ti 1:1 Paul, an apostle of Christ Jesus by command of God our Savior and of Christ Jesus our hope,

Paul did not become an apostle by human invention. His was a divine appointment; “an apostle of Christ Jesus by command of God …” What higher authority could he possible obtain? Paul would need this assurance when he came up against trials from both men and nature that would test his human endurance. How often have we wrecked our life along with those around me by carrying out our own plans. How often we have rejected God’s plans; or worse not even considered His plans for us, in favor of running with what we thought was best. When we opt for our own agenda, we are tearing open the ‘rose bud’ of God intention for us before He is ready to open it; therefore destroying the beauty God intended for our life.

Consider God’s direction for us another way. Our lives are much like intricate spider webs. God has the web of our lives all mapped out. Try sticking your finger on a strand of a spider web and rearranging it different than what the spider accomplished. Can’t be done. But we often will look at the web of our live in progress and try to help God out with either the design or the making. Every time we meddle with the threads of our lives we end up marring the web design or function. The web becomes flawed or worse, severely damaged.

“… Christ Jesus our hope,” We as human hope in many things. We hope to have health and wealth and a place to be happy. We hope for world peace. We even hope that by mouthing certain prayers and doing what we think is the right thing, we will gain at the end of our lives an entrance into some sort of resting place called heaven. God, the Sovereign over His heaven says plainly, there is only one hope. Jesus. Nothing else. Our expectations of being rescued from the moral and spiritual dilemmas are built on sand. Jesus is our only hope, our life, our peace, our righteousness. But if one is not seeking truth that is outside of themselves then they will miss God. God calls it reckless rejection. We can only find truth by exercise of faith in the truths and promises that God provided us, through Jesus Christ. We stumble over that because it reveals our pride; we want no one ruling or telling us what to do. The world is an evil place because our hearts are evil. Noble birth, religious education, morality, civility, obedience to the law of Moses, or trying to obey the ordinances of a church; all of this will fall short of God’s standard. The only grounds for redemption of a heart inherently evil is though Jesus shed blood on the cross. Unless we are willing to seek truth outside of what seems intuitive to us, we will miss the truth. But for the heart that is not seeking after a loving God that statement is nothing but rubbish.

Meditations from 1 Timothy 1:1

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