God’s Candle

As young men, several of my buddies and I were new believers, serving on board a ship in the Navy. I wrote home one day from overseas complaining of the darkness of temptations. She wisely wrote back and said that as she prayed for us, she envisioned our ship on the dark ocean with some little lights moving around on it to bring God’s light to a dark ship. Those little lights were us accomplishing our work. That image stuck with me through the years.

Before I met Jesus, I was an unlit candle. God sent several people across my path telling me about Jesus. Finally I realized that I needed God’s Spirit to re-kindle my spirit. In the beginning, it was a small spark. I was careless and sometimes felt as if a puff of wind would surely extinguish it. God put some men in my life that taught me how to feed the flame with God’s fuel. I disciplined myself to daily fuel myself with wisdom from His word. I found that Jesus’ words about “not hiding my light under a bushel basket” meant Jesus wanted to shine through me. When we experience a power failure, the first thing we do is go find some candles and matches, get one lit and place it in a candleholder. Then we place it on the table. I have never found us standing around spending any time admiring the candle holder or the wick. What we are delighted in is the flame that is lighting up the room. That is the focus of attention.

God rarely uses supernatural events or miracles to reveal Himself to the world. His Kingdom expands as we recognize and come to the Light. So the question is this: Today, how else will those around you and I ever see the light of God unless it is radiating from us?

Luke 11:33 “No one after lighting a lamp puts it in a cellar or under a basket, but on a stand, so that those who enter may see the light.

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