A Rolling Together

“We did our part so now God you do yours.”


Many times I have heard people say: I have prayed about this matter and I am hoping that God will make it happen.” Often the verse from Proverbs 16:3 will be quoted: “Roll your works upon God, and your thoughts shall be established.” [MKJV] I have even said it. I have prayed about something and the very act of praying made me feel that God should respond since I did my part and prayed about it. Oftentimes Christians use the phrase “I prayed about it” they actually are using a euphemism meaning “We did our part so now God you do yours.” So what does it mean to ‘commit’ my activities to the Lord? The Hebrew word implies a rolling together of my activities with God’s. Wait a minute. God is sovereign over everything. The Bible makes that very clear. Rolling my plans into His means His plans become mine. What if my plans seem better or more expedient or less painful? As long as I have those doubts about the wisdom of God, then I will never be able to transfer a burden off of my back. I will never stick my head into the yoke that Jesus offers to share with me.

It is one thing to have ambition. It is another to have what I would call a holy aspiration; being ambitious for God’s will to be done here on earth. If I commit or roll my plans onto the Lord, my ambitions take a back seat. “What about the results you might ask?” God is less interested in my results than in my establishment as a Christ-one. My actions are only the results of my thoughts. Is my mind settled on doing my plans or making my plans in line with His? As I learn patience and wait for Him to act, He will establish my thoughts that are in line with His plans. It is like bowling. I pick up the bowling ball and I roll it toward the mark, the pin that is going to have the most effect on the others. The pin I am aiming at is Jesus Himself. I want to roll my works toward Him so that he can aim my thoughts that will affect my endeavors.