We live in a world characterized by too fast, too much and too loud. These are the tools used by the enemy of God to destroy His creation and us in it.

Most of my life I have been chronically in a hurry. As I tried to climb the ladder to success, everything was about hurrying up and doing it faster. My behavior pattern was characterized by continual rushing and anxiety. I was in a constant state of overwhelming anxiousness and sense of urgency. It is almost like an addiction of Too Fast. My behavior pattern was dominated by a continual rushing from one thing to the next accompanied by anxiousness that I missed something. I felt like I never had enough time. Success, I thought, was performing tasks faster and faster. But all that did was create more and more frustration with each delay. My life was an unrelenting sense of urgency.

Dallas Willard said “If you want to sense Jesus’ guidance and experience His presence on a daily basis, you must ruthlessly eliminate hurry from your life.” In other words, slow down. Craig Knudsen says that the antidote to Too Fast [read being always in a hurry] is the spiritual practice of slowing down. A spiritual practice only happens as we take the time to develop it into a discipline. To develop a discipline we have to reduce the speed of our living and create space in our schedules for unrushed moments with God. Some have called this Quite Time. No matter what we call it, life with God, as with any relationship, requires time to build trust and openness. A good relationship requires times of sharing our hearts as well as times of listening to the Other. That only can happen through time.

On the appointed day that we meet God face to face, not once will God ask us how we did in our career. What He will ask is something like “What was your relationship like with my Son Jesus?” That is the hinge-pin to real lasting success. What will your answer be?

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