RESTART: Too hurried, too busy and too loud … these three are the greatest reasons we lack capacity to enjoy life with Jesus. So what are we to do about it?

Busyness. That is the by-word for our society. Too much is going on. The tragic thing is that busyness is often confused with productivity. The habit of being too busy often turns into a lifetime habit. Brennan Manning is right when he said “If Satan can’t make you evil, he’ll make you busy.”

Distraction creates busyness and is a great weapon of Satan. It is the easiest for him to use. For me and for most everyone that I meet, the cell phone is the biggest distraction and second to that is Facebook on the cell phone. The great deception over the last 50 plus years are all of the gadgets we accumulate because we buy into the bill of goods that this latest gadget will make our lives simpler. There is some truth to it but we allow the distraction.

It is not that the gadgets are bad, but that we allow them to complicate our lives. The antidote to busyness is the spiritual practice of simplicity. Simplicity is about losing weight … the weight of activity and distractions that waste our time. But it goes beyond that. Not only do we have to lose the weight of busyness but we can best do that by creating space for Jesus to be in our lives. In order to know what God wants from us we have to listen and then do what He says. But listening is an intentional activity that requires the listener to be available to the speaker. To be available takes time. If we are reading our Bible trying to listen to God but keep checking our cell phone for messages, FB entries and other assorted social media alerts, we are not really listening for God to speak to us.

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