Gandhi once said “There is more to life than increasing its speed.” Increasing speed increases friction which increases noise. We live in a world that knows little about silence. We yearn in our souls for some rest but generally intentionally do little to combat noise, busyness and hurriedness of our lives.

How many of us do what Jesus did by “… often retreating to lonely to places to be alone and pray.” [Luk 5:16] The antidote to the noise in our lives is the spiritual practice of silence. Jesus made it a practice. Part of the reason for needing space from the noise of life is needing silence. Some part of our prayers needs to be listening to God. Satan will always be in the business of moving me away from the presence of God to a position of doing something better for God. Social science calls that behavior modification.

You will never have the same peace and wisdom that the song writer had of old unless you are willing to
experience God as your refuge and strength. That is the antidote to hurried, busy and noise of life. When you make space for God to minister to your soul, you will not fear even if the very mountains around you give way and fall into the sea. Being in the presence of God is a place of refreshment. Today, nations are in a uproar, kingdoms are falling. God says repeatedly “Come and see what I have done….” “Be still, and know that I am God.” Take some time to listen to your Creator speak to your soul. Read Psalm 46.

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