Barely escaped …

Central Asia: A Jesus film team barely escaped Muslim radicals when they tried to show the film in a village. A year later, sensing God calling them back to the village, they saw God’s miraculous hand open the way for them to show the film and see 167 accept Christ. Please pray for these new believers to stand strong, and to grow to spiritual maturity in a hostile environment. Pray that they may be bold and wise in sharing their newfound faith.

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God is moving

Egypt celebrates Christmas on 7th January. About 15% of the 80 Million are Coptic Christians in this difficult Muslim country. The many attacks against Christians has actually brought renewal in the Coptic Church and evangelicals are growing by an astounding 4.6% per year. Pray that the active forgiveness displayed by Christians after each of these numerous attacks and the Christians joy and boldness at their festivals may shake the Muslim population to seek Jesus.

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