Lets talk about fear

Fear and love are mutual enemies. We cannot love God with all of our heart when we live in fear.

Can I talk about fear? You know, the kind of fear that surrounds us when we are up against the unknown. When I hear folks say they live in fear I just want to get out my magic wand and make it all better. Ahhhh. If only life were so simple!

As you and I read the Scriptures, we hear God pleading, we hear God admonishing, we hear God commanding us and hear God calling us to trust Him. I have noticed that if I am not too willing to trust God for the circumstance then I feel as if God is nagging me. God is really good at getting our attention. If we engage in His Word every day, we are sure to hear every single day in some form, to not be afraid. God’s deepest desire is for us to simply trust Him in everything. He stands at the door of our heart gently knocking and whispering: “It is I! Be not afraid!” [John 6:20]

You and I both know from experience that the Christian life is a constant battle between fear and trust. And God is not shy about telling us that we are going to experience two extremes fighting a war for dominance: anxiety vs. trust, and doubt vs. confidence.

Here is the challenge for you and I. We must learn [and continue to learn our whole lives] to not be shaken with fear. We must learn to not allow fear to seize our hearts and minds. If we do, it causes us to not believe God, or His Word. Luke 1:74 says that God wants us “to serve Him without fear all of our days.” Fear and love are mutual enemies. We cannot love God with all of our heart when we live in fear. God talks much about fear. He knows that it is an issue in our hearts. The word “fear” is used 385 times in the Bible [depending on the translation]. God expects us to understand the ramifications of fear left unchecked in our lives.

When you and I allow fear to be dominate in our lives, we cannot have faith. Faith will never grow in our lives. But what will grow in our lives is a trend downward. It begins with doubt, progresses to worry and then develops into fear. Think of it this way: Fear is faith in reverse. It is believing the words of Satan over the Word of God. That is the definition of spiritual fear: Believing Satan over God. Fear destroys the promises of God in our lives. Matthew 13: 58 (ESV): “And he did not do many mighty works there, because of their unbelief.” There are no mighty works of great deliverance when unbelief dominates our thoughts and attitudes. Satan gets the de facto glory and the Lord Jesus Christ is relegated to the side lines of our life.

You and I can pray and search for discernment but until we are willing to relinquish our fear, we in effect binding God in chains. Fear always leads us to the altar of unbelief. Fear always builds unbelief. Unbelief is the root and essence of all sin. Unbelief always causes the heart to fall away from the living God.

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